Our Vision:

"Green Manufacturing = Green Products = Sustainable Future."

By recycling paper to make pens and pencils (commonly used products), we hope to encourage others to recycle different materials and innovatively manufacture different products that are environment-friendly (green), thus promoting green manufacturing.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

1. To ensure we maintain or improve our quality of life, people have to use various products.

2. RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION: As much as possible, manufacturers ought to innovatively incorporate environment-friendly (green) materials in their manufacturing processes.

3. RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION: Consumers, from governments, organisations, individuals etc. should use environment-friendly (green) products as much as possible. This will encourage more manufacturers to make more environment-friendly (green) products. This will not only help in conserving our physical (land & water) environment, but we will achieve a better and more sustainable future.

Food for thought

The next time you buy pencils or pens, will they be wooden pencils or plastic pens, or environment-friendly pencils and pens?. Use Green Pencil and Save a Tree. Use Green Pencils and Save Our Forests!

Economic Empowerment

Our unique manufacturing process has attracted men and women searching for employment and economic empowerment. By deliberate design, much of our work is handcrafted. As a result, we have created jobs to form a motivated workforce to manufacture the branded environment-friendly pencils and pens. We have also engaged various youth & women groups to collect and supply us with old newspapers. This has helped to uplift the economic status and build capacity in these various groups. As we grow, our workforce grows too. Therefore, when you use the branded environment-friendly pencils and pens, you not only help in saving our environment, but you also create the much-needed employment and contribute to providing economic empowerment.