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Usage of Road Studs

Unfortunately, Road stud usage in Kenya is scarce. The main reason is lack of suitable road studs for our road conditions. They are either lost or stolen almost as soon as they are installed.


Infinity Road studs has developed road studs that are suitable to our road conditions. The Infinity Road Studs are a new innovation in road furniture, which not only meet local standards but also exceeds the highest Global Standards, a first time invention in Kenya by a Kenyan company. After 2.5years, about 80% of the Infinity Studs installed along Komarock road are still in place.


Road studs come in white, yellow, red, blue and green colours. However, the red, blue and green coloured studs are not used in Kenya. Infinity Road studs has already developed the red coloured road studs and is seeking to introduce it to the Kenyan road user. We also intend to introduce the blue and green road studs.


Using roads without road studs is as wise as using a car without safety belts.






In 1984, annual economic cost of road traffic crashes was estimated at Kenya shillings 1.5 billion (approximately U.S$ 19 million). An equivalent of 1.6% of the country's GNP for that year.

In 1995, the Insurance Industry spent Kshs. 20 billion (approximately U.S$ 250 million) equivalent of 5.5% of the years GNP.
Recently, insurance rate for vehicles have more than doubled.

Use of Infinity Reflective Road Studs will help reduce the road carnage therefore reduce the senseless economic loss associated to road crashes.


45% to 60% of all admissions in surgical wards are road traffic casualties.

Ten countries are responsible for 48% of traffic deaths globally. Kenya is among the ten.

With increasing traffic volumes on our roads, improving and maintaining driver safety, in all scenarios, is a critical concern.

The worst-case scenario is nighttime driving in adverse weather conditions.

In this instance, when other such markings are not visible, the Infinity  Road Studs will provide guidance and caution in addition to advance road warnings.  This will reduce the carnage on our roads as well as the driving stress.

Ten countries are responsible for 48% of traffic deaths globally. Kenya is among the 10.

The Infinity Road studs will enhance visibility and provide advance road warnings thereby greatly reducing the road carnage in Kenya. This will greatly boost the efforts of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 - 2020.