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Our Vision

Installing the high quality Kenyan made road studs to be marketed to the COMESA region and beyond. In turn, this will make Kenya the industrial hub and producer for the road studs, helping enable Vision 2030 become a reality; i.e. for Kenya to become an industrialized nation.


In addition, The Decade for Action on Road Safety is from 2011 to 2020. Kenya is in the RS-10 list, therefore any efforts in our country that will reduce road carnage will be keenly observed both locally and internationally. 

Infinity Road Studs are providing the highest workmanship, product and support to our clients in ensuring our roads have quality road studs.

Our Commitment and specialized attention to safety will remain our focus for the future.




Installing Infinity Studs

Our Road Studs are designed to be installed on the road surface without excavating or diggging the road. Quick to fit, they can be fitted on bitumen or other road surfaces.

Background to the Invention

On August 27 2006, a rainy night, our brother Andrew Kanyi, 27 years old was involved in a road crash along Kiambu road. The father of 2 children passed on. On the same road, three siblings had a fatal road crash nearby. Traffic Police later pointed out that to help reduce road crashes on that road, streetlights or road studs had to be installed to improve road visibility especially at night or when raining.

However, streetlights are costly to install and the electrical cables are stolen every now and then.

When road studs are installed, about 50% are stolen or lost in a matter of weeks. Others are crushed and collapse/sink into the road. Therefore, road studs are hardly used, despite being dependable road safety devices.

Green Pencils Ltd was set up to address this challenge, and find a practical and guaranteed option suitable to our needs.

It took about 3 years of research and development before succeeding. The inventions, known as Infinity Road Studs, surpass both local and International standards. Partly made from recycled materials, they are tamperproof and ideal for our road conditions. 

 The wreckage of the bus which collided with a lorry on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway, killing 28 people on Sunday night 18/1/2010.

In memory of my brother Andrew Kanyi, and all those who have lost their lives on our roads due to poor visibility at night.

I believe that these inventions will help save some else's brother, father or son; sister, mother or daughter; colleagues or friend.


Antony Kirori

Inventor: Infinity Road Studs

Inventor: Infinity Bonding Agent

Our Road Studs are:

Stong: Surpasses the minimum acceptable compressive strength standard of 25 tonnes. Infinity Road studs are proven to withstand misuse and abuse.

Tamperproof:  With the Infinity Bonding agent, once our road studs are installed, they are tamperproof.

Visible: Infinity Road Studs have surpass the minimum UKAS standard by over 500% meaning they are visible in tough condition e.g heavy rains and other weather conditions.