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Proven and Tested

The Infinity  Road studs has a high compressive strength of more than 40 tonnes

Infinity Road Studs

The Infinity Road Studs, partly made from recycled materials, are new innovations in road furniture which not only meet local standards but also exceed the highest Global Standards, a first time invention in Kenya by a Kenyan company.

The design introduces global specs to the Kenyan road user that surpasses the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Standards by up to over 500%; and its compressive strength exceeds 40 tonnes. (The minimum acceptable compressive strength in Kenya is 25 tonnes). A special super strong bonding glue, known as the Infinity Bonding Agent, has been formulated for specific use with the Infinity  Road Stud.

Tested and Certified: Government and other institutional testing agents ( Kenya Bureau of Standard KEBS) and Materials Laboratories, Ministry of Roads have certified that Infinity Road Stud quality and practicability is way beyond most road studs used in kenya.

Strong: The Infinity  Road stud has a high compressive strength of more than 40 tonnes. This surpasses the minimum  acceptable compressive strength standard of 25 tonnes. Our roads studs have proven to withstand misuse and abuse e.g driving on flat tyres, jacking on top of road studs, removing or stealing the reflective strips and stealing of metalic road stud for scrap metal.  

Tamperproof: Tampering of roads studs is rampant in our roads and a major deterrent of their usage. In liaison with the top Engineers in Kenya, our road studs have been designed to cater for the local needs for various classifications of the roads in Kenya and the region and are foolproof  to tampering. Once installed , they are almost impossible to remove intact, anyway they offer no resale value or scrap value. Infinity Reflective Road Studs (IRRS) are installed along Komarock road, Dandora and are proof to this tamperproof nature.

Innovative:  The Blend of Yellow, White and  Red Infinity Reflective Road Studs (IRRS) combined to provide friendly guidance and caution in addition to the advance warning. White colour guides the driver along the road carriage and Yellow colour gives caution and Red Colour exhibits the warning.

This new Trend is yet to be adopted in Kenya. This will help deter reckless and dangerous driving associated with some of our queer road users.

Research and input from motorists vouch that the reflective road studs, with their high visibility, alerts and guide drivers thereby reducing stress levels associated with night time driving. Installing IRRS will greatly reduce road accidents, save livmetallicbs and the associated senseless economic waste. We seek to introduce the Blue and the Green coloured road studs, which are not used in Kenya

Visibility: The visibility of our road studs has surpass the minimum UKAS standard by up to over 500%. Infinity road studs are highly visible even on rainy nights and other weather conditions.

Maintenance (Reflector Pollution):  Infinity Road studs are self cleaning .

User and User Specification: Gorvenment, Road Authorities, Contractors of all roads,drive ways, passage, restricted areas, parks, jogging tracks, Real estates Investors, Airport runways and Air port strips. Our Road studs can be personalized to user specification for example KURA, KeNHA, KeRRA. This dedicates ownership to the relevant party.

Fast, Friendly, Economical installation: Our Road Stud are designed to be installed on the road surface without excavating or diggging the road. Quick to fit, they can be fitted on bitumen or other road surfaces.

Bituminous bonding takes from 4 to 6 hours,a great inconvience because the road is closed.

Infinity  Road Studs takes 25 minutes to install therefore normal traffic is disrupted for less than 30 minutes. As such they can be used on any road or accident spot with ease.

Availability: Infinity  Road Studs and Infinity Bonding Agent are readily available in the market. No shippping cost or delays are expected because they are manufactured locally.