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Enhancing Visibility and Advance Road Warnings.  

Green Pencils Ltd manufactures the Infinity Road Studs. Installing the high quality Kenyan made road studs on our roads (including at bumps, junctions, bridges, fire hydrants, slip roads etc) will not only improve road safety and save lives, limbs and reduce the senseless economic waste, but also create employment locally therefore aid in poverty management.


Driving on Kenyan Roads and Neighboring Countries.

Driving at night, especially when it rains, is a strain, a source of stress for motorists. Almost all drivers have hit bumps they had not seen and found themselves veering off their lane at one time or another. This is because of lack of visibility.

There are two options to address this situation, either install street lights or road studs.

However, street lights are costly and the electrical cables are stolen every now and then.

When road studs are installed, about 50% are stolen or lost in a matter of weeks. Others get crushed and collapse/sink into the road. Therefore, road studs are hardly used, despite being dependable road safety devices.

Infinity Road studs was set up to address this challenge, and find a practical and guaranteed option suitable to our needs.

It took about 3 years of research and development before succeeding. The inventions, which surpass both local and International standards, are known as Infinity Road Studs. Partly made from recycled materials, they are tamperproof and ideal for our road conditions.  

Our road studs significantly improve road safety. They provide guidance, caution and advance road warnings .



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