Environmental Conservation

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At Green Pencils Limited

We not only eliminates the specific need to cut down trees to make pencils but also helps in the recycling of waste paper. Apart from littering, waste paper gets burned and this increases the Earth's greenhouse emissions, which increase depletion of the Ozone layer. Green pencils are made from recycled newspapers. We therefore eliminate the specific need to cut down trees to make pencils. Green Pencils Ltd has responsibly positioned itself to contribute to making our environment a better place to live in by using tons of waste paper in making the environment-friendly branded pencils and pens. Use Green Penciland Save a Tree. Use Green Pencils and Save Our Forests!

Plastics are durable. They degrade slowly. The chemical bonds that make plastic durable make it equally resistant to the natural processes of degradation. After use, the consumer convenience plastic items are thrown away; e.g., plastic pens, water bottles, grocery bags. If plastic is incinerated, it increases carbon emissions; if placed in a landfill, it becomes a carbon sink. The needto reduce the amount of plastic we use cannot be overstated.