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Green Pencils Ltd

Manufactures branded environment-friendly pencils and pens that are customized to visually convey your logo and desirable messages effectively. The branded environment-friendly pencils and pens act as portable billboards in the hands of your prospective target market. Ourenvironment-friendly pencils and pens can be used as marketing communication tools or promotional items. They are also ideal for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and can be donated to schools or campaigns and causes of your choice. This is an exciting prospect to your existing and prospective clients, staff, students and children (future customers?) among others.

When you advertise your products in the newspapers or in the electronic media, your active presence is for that day or moment only. The branded environment-friendly pencils and pens offers you a cost effective way to have your presence actively felt, daily, in households, schools and offices over a number of months!

With your instructions, we can make sample pencils and pens displaying your favorable designs and/or messages for your consideration and further discussion. The branded environment-friendly pencils and pens are ideal awareness tools for your advertising and marketing campaigns, branding and/or gift item to your clients, staff, students or CSR initiatives.

The race to save Mother Earth has begun and we are all participants. So let's start with you and me making the future habitable.The responsibility starts with you and me by making choices that will be beneficial to our enviroment.