Economic Empowerment

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The Economic Pillar of Vision 2030 seeks to improve the prosperity of all regions of the country and all Kenyans.Green Pencils Limited has started playing our part to create employment and improve lives.

As reported by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, unemployment rate in Kenya increased to 40% in 2011 from 12.70% in 2006. Historically, from 1999 until 2011, the rate averaged 22.4% reaching an all time high of 40% in December of 2011 and a record low of 12.7% in December of 2006. The only solutionto this problem is to empower the population with sustainable economic activities that can provide a decent income that facilitates access to better healthcare, habitat, nutrition, education and propensity to save for elevated living standards.

Our unique manufacturing process has attracted men and women searching for employment and economic empowerment. By deliberate design, much of our work is handcrafted. This makes us a very labour-intensive organization. As a result,we have created jobs to form a motivated workforce to manufacture the branded environment-friendly pencils and pens.

We have also engaged various youth & women groups to collect and supply us with old newspapers. This has helped to uplift the economic status and build capacity in these various groups. As we grow, our workforce grows too. Therefore, when you use the branded environment-friendly pencils and pens, you not only help in saving our environment, but you also create the much-needed employment and contribute to providing economic empowerment.

We have received the Diamond Mark of Qualityfrom Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). The Diamond Mark of Quality is the highest quality mark a product can have.